January 02, 2012

Veteran actor Choi Min Soo, who terrorized the cast of SBS‘s ‘Running Man a few months ago at a theme park during the “Running Man Hunting” episode, is set to return on November 20th. Choi Min Soo’s return promises more thrills and chills than ever, this time in a more closed environment.

In the recently released preview, Choi Min Soo’s scary voice can be heard from a telephone held by a tight-faced Yoo Jae Suk. The ‘nation’s MC’ bore the brunt of his ire in his previous outing, where he promised to return to extract his revenge against the MC for his elimination.
The “grasshopper hunting” episode will be broadcast this upcoming Sunday.

Source : AllKPop

January 01, 2012

Running Man’s ‘Monday Couple’ snapped together at Leessang’s concert!

Fans felt slightly disappointed when Leessang‘s Gary didn’t turn up for the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards to bask in the glory of winning numerous trophies with his ‘Running Man‘ crew. But that disappointment melted into joy, when they were treated to an adorable photo of the ‘Monday Couple’ at Leessang’s concert on New Year’s Eve!
On January 1st, a photo of Song Ji Hyo and Gary was uploaded onto a community forum in Korea titled “Yesterday’s ‘Monday Couple’“.
The photo was snapped at the “Leessang’s Theatre” encore concert on New Year’s Eve, and we can see Song Ji Hyo smiling brilliantly alongside Gary, who seems pretty shy.
The couple are famously known to fans as the ‘Monday Couple’ for their lovey-dovey interactions during ‘Running Man’ recordings which usually takes place on a Monday.
Netizens commented, “Just date, please”, “It’s so nice of Ji Hyo to come for Leessang’s last concert of the year yesterday”, “Wow~ Are they really dating?”.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, twitter (@allkpop)

December 24, 2011

Song Ji Hyo, "Do Not Wear Animal Fur, Wear Fake Fur!"

Currently starring on SBS ‘Running Man’, Actress Song Ji Hyo wore 5 different styles of fake fur outfits, designed by 5 top designers for InStyle magazine January issue.

Song Ji Hyo displayed delicate femininity fashioning an ultra short mini dress and she also boldly showed off a true bottomless fashion in the pictorial. She has conveyed the intention of the designers with her natural uplifting charms, while also adding her own unique feel to the pictorial.

Designers Park Seung Gun, Song Ja In, Lee Joo Young, Shin Jae Hee, and Choi Ji Hyung had the vision to create a fashion line that would change the cruel and selfish disposition of humans on animals and Song Ji Hyo obliged to help them send the message to the public.

The lovely pictorials of Song Ji Hyo can be seen in the January issue of ‘InStyle’ magazine.

Image: InStyle Magazine
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate;