November 15, 2011



Name: Yoo Jae Suk (유재석)
Born:  August 14, 1972
Nickname: Grasshopper (메뚜기), Yooruce Willis, Yoo Hyuk, Nation’s MC, Dumb.
Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Debut: 1991, KBS College Comedian Festival.
Career: hosted TV program called  Live and Enjoy Together, Happy Together, X-Man (2000), Infinity Challenge (since 2005),  Come to Play (since 2004), Happy Together season 3, Family Outing (2008-2010), Running Man (2010-present).

On Running Man

Although he is one of the weak ones, Yoo is always portrayed as the rival of Kim Jong Kook. He often call himself "Yooruce Willis" (유르스 윌리스) when being chased by Kim Jong Kook but he often gets caught in the end. He is also often being labelled as the "Icon of Betrayal" because in one of the episode(38)where he has to eliminate and lie to all his team mates.
Awards :
  • 1991 Inaugural KBS College Student Gag Competition
  • 2003 Best TV Presenter, KBS Entertainment Award
  • 2003 Best Excellence Award in show/variety category, MBC Entertainment Award
  • 2005 Grand Award, KBS Entertainment Award
  • 2006 Best TV MC, 18th Korean Broadcast Producers’ Award
  • 2006 Awarded in TV Entertainment, 42nd Baeksang Arts Award
  • 2006 ‘Speech Award’ from Blue Media
  • 2006 Grand Award, MBC Entertainment Award
  • 2007 Grand Award, MBC Entertainment Award (with Infinite Challenge members)
  • 2008 Mnet 20′s Choice Awards (Variety Star Category)
  • 2008 Grand Award, SBS Entertainment Award
  • 2009 Grand Award, MBC Entertainment Award
  • 2009 Grand Award, SBS Entertainment Award (with Lee Hyo-ri)
  • 2010 Grand Award, MBC Entertainment Award


Name: Ji Suk Jin
Born: May 10, 1968
Nickname: Big Nose Hyungnim
Debut: 1992 1st Album [Smile In The Gloomy Afternoon]
Occupation: MC, Comedian
Career: SBS (Truth Game), KBS (Yuyoomanman), (Happy Sunday), (Roadshow Quiz), (Golden Ladder), Hosted TV Program called Star Golden Bell, Running Man (2010-present).


Name: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Born: April 25, 1976
Nickname: Trainer Kook, Kim Kook Jong, Sparta Kooks, The Commander, Kookie~^^
Debut: 1995, as a Member of duo group called TURBO.
Career: TURBO (1995-2001), Solo Singer (2001-present), X-Man, Family Outing (2008-2010), Running Man (2010-present)
Origin: South Korea
Occupations: Singer, Years active 1995–present Labels CJ Music(2001-2006), M.Net Media(2007-2008), 101 Entertainment(2010-2011), JK Entertainment(2011)-present
Associated acts: Turbo, Mighty Mouth, SG Wannabe
Korean Name:
Hangul: 김종국
Hanja: 金鐘國
Revised Romanization: Gim Jong-guk

Key Programs: SBS (Family Outing Season 1), KBS (Happy Sunday).
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards)
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards)
  • MBC 가요대전 (MBC Music Awards)
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards)
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 본상
  • MBC 10 가수가요제 (MBC Best 10 Music Awards) 본상
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 인기가수상 (Golden Disk Popularity Awards)
  • MBC 가요대제전 (MBC Music Awards) 최고인기가수상 (Most Popular)
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 대상 (Best Artist)
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 대상 (Best Artist)
  • KBS 연예대상 (KBS Acting Awards) Best Entertainer
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • MNET Best Male Solo Artist
  • Korean Entertainer Awards Ballad Award
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • BBF Popular Singer Award
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • SBS 연예대상 (SBS Entertainment Awards) Best TV Star Award


Name: Gary
Real Name: Kang Hee Gun
Born: February 24, 1978
Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8 12 in)
Nickname: Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyfriend, Gaecholas Cage
Debut: 1999, as a member of a group called LEESSANG, Honey Family’s 1st Album [A Man’s Story]
Career: Singer(LesSang), Runnning Man, still a freshman in variety program.
2002 - M.net_KM Music Video Festival_Best Hip-hop "Rush"
2007-Cyworld Digital Music Awards_ Song Of The Month_Won
2009-Mnet Asia Music Awards_Best Hip-hop_"Can't Breakup Girl"
          Best Picture_"Can't Breakaway Boy" 
          Cyworld Digital Music Awards_Bonsang_Won
          Melon Music Awards_Sudden Rise of the Year_Won 

2010-Cyworld Digital Music Awards_Bonsang_Won
          Best Collaboration_"Rush" featuring Jung In


Name: HAHA(하하)
Real Name: Ha Dong Hoon(하동훈)
Born: August 20, 1979
Birth: Berlin, Germany
Nickname: Haroro, Harad Pitt
Occupation: Singer
Debut: 2001, as a member of Hip-Hop group named JIKIRI
Career : Sitcom-Nonstop 3 (2002), Infinity Challenge (2005), X-Man, Manwon Happiness (2008), Haha-Mong Show (2010), Running Man


Name: Lee Kwang Soo(이광수)
Born: July 14, 1985
Nickname: The Framer Gwang Soo, Kwang-Vatar
Debut: 2008 MBC in a drama titled That Person is Coming
Career: MBC (That Person Is Coming), Sitcom–Hight Kick Trough The Roof, drama- Dong Yi
Occupation: Actor, Model
Height: 190cm
Star sign: Cancer


Name: Song Ji Hyo
Real Name: Cheon Seong Im
Born: August 15, 1981
Nickname: Ace, Mong-Jihyo, Monday Girlfriend, Song Siblings
Debut: Kiki Fashion Model (2001)
Career: Wishing Stars, Princess Hours, Sex is Zero, Frozen Flower, Joining Running Man after the 2nd episode.
Occupation      : Actress, Model

Key Programs :
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011) (sbg Jo Min Joo)
Jumong (MBC, 2006) (sbg Lady Yesoya)
Goong (MBC, 2006) (sbg Min Hyo Rin)

Late Blossom/ I Love You (2010) (sbg Kim Yeon Ah)
Frozen Flower (2008) (sbg Queen)
Sex Is Zero 2 (2008) (sbg Kyeong Ah)
Yoga Class (2006)
Some (2004) (sbg Seo Yoo Jin)
Whispering Corridors 3/ Wishing Stairs (2003) (sbg Yoo Jin Seong)

Running Man (SBS, 2010)
Night Of TV Entertainment (SBS, 2010)
Sunday Nights (MBC, 2010)
Good Sunday: Family Outing (SBS, 2009)

Music Video’s
Suyoung Lee’s 3rd album – ‘And I Love You’
JTL’s 1st album – ‘Just Say Good Bye’
Stay – ‘An Unbelievable Word’

Amore Pacific Greentea Powder, Lotteria, LG Telecom Phone & Fun, Binggrae Banana Milk, Lotte Natuur, Nongshim Fresh Udon, P&G Korea Pantene Hair Health System, etc.


Name: Song Joong Ki (송중기)
Born: September 19, 1985
Nickname: Flower Joongki, Ambitious Joongki, Song Siblings
Occupation: Actor and Model
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Talent agency: SidusHQ
Debut: 2008, in a film titled Frozen Flower
Career : KBS Music Bank host, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors, Frozen Flower, Case of Itaewon Murder, Five Sense of Eros, Triple, My Precious Child, Will It Sow at Chirstmas?, Running Man (2010-2011)
Awards :
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

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