November 15, 2011


Joined the show / Left the show
July 2010
The main host of the show, Yu Jae-suk is known as Yu-ruce Willis (유르스 윌리스) during the race mission where he is good at running away. The name is a parody of Bruce Willis in Die Hard. He is also known as Yu Hyuk (유혁), acting as a popular student that can dance well. In The Usual Suspects of Running Man (episode 38), he was known as Yu-mes Bond (유임스 본드), where he needed to disguise as a guest and eliminate all members in Find the Guests.
July 2010
The oldest member of the show. Ji Suk-jin is known as Big Nose Older Brother (왕코형님) for his known big nose. He is often shown as weak during the race mission and is frequently and easily caught.
July 2010
The strongest man on the show, Kim Jong-kook is known as Sparta-kook (스파르타국스) and Capable One (능력자) for his skill in capturing others during the race mission. Sparta-kook is a parody of the film 300, his sudden appearances and shows of strength are usually accompanied by the soundbite "This is Sparta" taken from the movie. He uses successful tactics to eliminate the other team members during race missions. He was also known as Kookie~♥^^ (꾹이~♥^^) for his cuteness and "aegyo".
July 2010
Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Gary is known as Peaceful Gary (평온개리) for his calm facial expressions during the Photo Zone Game and throughout the show. He is also known as Ga-colas Cage (개콜라스 케이지) during the race mission, which is a parody of Nicolas Cage. He is frequently easily fooled by others and known for being clueless at times.
July 2010
Ha-ha is usually picked on by the other members. He is known as Ha-roro (하로로) for his similar appearance to Pororo the Little Penguin. During the race mission, he is referred to as Ha-rad Pitt (하래드 피트), which is a parody of Brad Pitt. He also has a tendency to feel as though he is the main lead into a movie created by his imagination. When things don't go his way, he lashes out verbally, causing great laughter among the cast.
July 2010
Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Lee Kwang-su has build an image known as Incriminating Kwang-su (모함광수), where he frames his fellow members with embarrassing and often absurd rumours. He is also known as Gwang-vatar (광바타) for his similar appearance to the Na'vi species in Avatar.
August 2010
The only female member of the show, Song Ji-hyo is known as Song Ji-yok (송지욕), where "yok" means "to swear", because of her "bad words" toward some of the members like Lee Kwang-su and Ha-ha. She is also known as Mung Ji-hyo (멍지효), where "mung" means "confused", because of her facial expressions which makes her seem confused. During the race mission, she is referred to as an Ace (에이스) due to her similar running/catching capabilities as Kim Jong-kook.
The following were previously members of Running Man but have since left the show.
November 2010 / January 2011
The "long-term guest" of Running Man and member of girl group After School, Lizzy is known as the country girl from Busan. As of episode 26, she has left the program for After School activities.[12]

July 2010 / May 2011
Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Song Joong-ki is known for his good-looks and is referred to as Flower Joong-ki (꽃중기), meaning pretty and is referred to as Brain Joong-ki (브레인 중기). He is also known as Active Young Man (적극청년) when he either wants to try something new or believes he can do something well, but fails. As of episode 42, he has left the program to focus on his acting career.[13] He reappeared in episode 66 as a temporary guest, which caught the members by surprise.



Kim Jong-kook and his two kids (김종국과 아이둘)
Kim Jong-kook, Ha-ha, Gary
Often found in the same team, Ha-ha and Gary often appear afraid and are usually under the control of the bad tempered Kim Jong-kook.
Monday Couple (월요커플)
Gary, Song Ji-hyo
The scandalous couple of the show, they show interest in each other on Mondays, the day Running Man is recorded.
Song-Song Couple (송송커플)
Song-Song Siblings (
Song Joong-ki, Song Ji-hyo
This relation officially appeared in episode 23, however, the couple's loveline has attracted a lot of viewers’ attention since episode 15. They have evolved into a sibling-like relationship.
Same-Aged Friends (동갑내기)
Lee Kwang-su, Song Joong-ki
Lee Kwang-su claims to be close friends with Song Joong-ki due to their same age (26), but Song Joong-ki often denies their close friendship, leaving Kwang-su appearing depressed.
Jail Regulars Trio (감옥 단골 3인방)
Yu Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-su
This trio is often caught the earliest during Bells Hide and Seek, and meet each other at the jail.
Suk-Brothers (석브라더스)
Yu Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin
Their relation comes from their close friendship for more than 20 years and that they both have "Suk" in their name. However, Ji Suk-jin is always jealous of the good relationship Jae-suk has with Kim Jong-kook. In episode 27, Ji Suk-jin was known as Yu Jae-suk's "sunflower" (always facing towards him) and in episode 40, this relation officially appeared.
My Big Brother and My Little Brother (우리 , 동생)
Kim Jong-kook, Ha-ha
These two are often on the same team and they have an older brother/little brother relation throughout the show.

New Dumb and Dumber (신형 덤앤더머)
Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-su
This relation appeared on episode 65, when they were in the same team and acted similar to the Dumb and Dumber of Family Outing.

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